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Sleeping habits are proof of omission!

Sleeping habits are proof of omission
Sleeping habits are proof of omission

Every day hair set is a test of “male cleanliness”

If you stay asleep, you will be surprised by women, right?

Do you go out with a hair set every day?

A man with a cool hair set

Recently, I feel that many men are walking without makeup and with sleeping habits, but it’s like women walking around the city without makeup.

Men’s hair sets, like women’s makeup, are the minimum grooming that is essential every day.

I don’t feel the charm as a man in the unkempt sleeping habit.

The first impression on you is the worst, especially if you’re on a date with a woman and have a habit of sleeping.

“This person isn’t motivated to date me.”

And, it will be caught by omission.

In the worst case, you may get into a fight because of your hair set. That’s the point that women see!

The key to setting hair is to be conscious of cleanliness.

Man in the hairdresser

The important thing in setting hair is to be conscious of cleanliness.

If you’re a man whose eyes are usually hidden by bangs, try using wax to separate them into sides when setting the hair, or take the plunge and raise your bangs.

With just this, the impression from the surroundings will change 180 degrees!

Women love clean men. If you can get a sense of cleanliness just by setting your hair, you have no choice but to set it off!

However, be careful not to apply too much wax.

Hair set

If you have a good hair set and your hair is sticky, you may have over-waxed.

If you go that far, you may feel like a narcissist, or you may just get the impression that you are not good at it.

Hair set is important, but too much wax is absolutely NG!

A daily hair set will turn you into a confident man.

Popular man

Just as women get positive and confident when they make up, men also get confident and relaxed when they set their hair.

Because such a positive impression is transmitted to women, I become a popular man.

“Huh? Did something change?”

“Maybe that person is cool”

It’s almost time to hear good rumors from women!

Think you’ve been fooled and try to get into the habit of setting your hair every day from tomorrow.

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