Significance of Beauty Mole

Beauty mark is considered to be an attractive and gorgeous part of our body. Beauty mole on the face is considered to be the most attractive for you. In twentieth century Beauty mark was generated a new trend by Marilyn Monroe. She was American actress, model and singer.

Significance of shapes in Moles:
Beauty moles can be of three shapes:

1. Round Moles:
People believes that if a person have round mole, he is good person. Round mole shows that a person has good qualities and he/she is good.
2. Oblong Moles:
Majority of People thinks that if a person has oblong shape mole he is having a good and acquired health.

3. Angular Moles:
If a person have angular mole he/she has both positive and negative characteristics.

Significance of Moles Based on Color:
Moles can be in two colors:

1. Black Moles:
Research proved it that majority of people who are having black moles they are very much adventurous. This person has the ability to achieve any goal and he/she can put his mind and soul to achieve the result.

2. Light Colored Moles:
People having light colored moles are considered to be lucky. According to research majority of them are lucky in many cases.

Person has mole on any part of body but mostly mole are noticeable on the visible parts like face and neck. Moles are considered beauty mark if they are on any part of face.

1. Cheek:
A mole on cheek represents that a person is very much serious in his/her life. This person is very much studious and this person has no interest in materialistic pleasure.

2. Lips:
Beauty mole on the lips is considered to be more attractive than on any other area. It glorifies your beauty. Beauty mole on the lips can add more beauty on your face and you can look great. Mole on the lips represents that a person has desired to go ahead in his/her life and has many goals.

3. Neck:
If a person has mole on the front side of neck it shows that a person has good fortune. If the mole is on any other part of neck it shows unreasonable temperament. If a mole is on the back side of neck it shows that a person wants to live a simple life.

4. Hand:
People having mole on the hand are considers being very much talented and they can make a huge success. These people can achieve many goals and can climb mountains of their goals.

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