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Side Bun Hair Style

This is an elegant style, which you can quickly make. It is really simple, yet you can easily carry it on parties. It looks really cute. It is a perfect hairstyle for all hair types. Not just straight hair but curly hair will also look perfect with this side bun.


You will need comb, elastic band, hair spray and bobby pins.


  1. Start with tangle free hair, and comb your hair properly.
  2. You natural hair texture is required for this hairstyle so don’t do any straightening.
  3. Brush your hair on one side and use elastic to secure them just above your hair.
  4. Now, you have to do the back combing in small sections.
  5. Use hairspray during this process and pin the sections, where you have secured them.
  6. Fix your loose hair too.
  7. Make a bun and give a finishing touch with hair spray.
  8. You can enhance the beauty by adding a real flower or any other accessory.

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