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Short & Stylish 2016 Girl hairstyles

The fashion is craze for the modern generation. Be it the ladies or the gentlemen. All are in pace race for the fashion. For Ladies Fashion starts right from the hair. Short hair is that style of hair which is considered as the comfortable one. So let us see the fascinating lovely ways to style the short hair. Short is Cute and Cute is Beautiful.

  1. The Band Tie


The hair is firmed with all round band and is fixed yet free. This is the Hairstyle that is commonly used for short hair at rough places like school office and home.

  1. The Hair Band Style


This style of hair band does not firm the hair all around. It provides a line of beauty at the top of the hair. The front part of the hair can fell loosely to the forehead or can be fixed to back.

  1. The Pony tie


This particular short haired tie is normally experimented for the children. It is always cute to see the child with a pony tail running around us with cute smile. This style of pony tail can be tied as one knot in the middle or two knots at two sides.

  1. The French Braid Style


This is a style where a pleated hair line goes above through the top front of the head. It gives an elegant and beautiful looks for the ones with a short hair. This is a party type hair which suits well with party gowns and other Goudy dresses and at the same time this is a perfect match for the simpler casuals.

  1. The Bangle Tie


This is different style which was introduced through an Indian film. Any even number of bangles are used in parallel inter linking circles. The hair is tied in and through these triangles and is kept as simple. A double bangle is added to the last pair of bangles to keep the hair firm. This hair style can also be used as an elegant party wear or a common single style according to the type of bangles used.

  1. The Twisted Braid


This is simple style and easy to spun. The front hair is twisted and leveled with a tiny clutch. This style can be adopted at two sides of the hair parting the hair in the middle or the hair can be parted at the side and the     twist can be formed at the bigger side.

  1. The free style


The most suitable style for the busy goers. This style is applicable to everyone with a short or a long hair. Comp your hair neatly and leave it freely.

  1. The Flip-Flop Style


This style of hair can be transformed from a simple contributed one. The hair is combed sideways and the forefront part is tucked on with a Flip-Flop tuckle. The number of the tuckle can be increased to two or more. As we increase the number the style looks more complex.

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