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Several type of skin acne and there causes

Skin acne is a skin disease in which there are oil glands at the base of hair follicles. Skin acne is not dangerous for health but they can leave scars on your skin. Our skin has tiny holes which are connected with oil glands that are under the skin. They produce an oily liquid and they contain dead cells. Small hair grows through them out of skin. Pimples started grow when follicles get blocked.
According to research it has been proved that approximately three-Quarter of 11-30 years old will get affected by acne some time. Acne affects people from all ages. It has been proved from research that acne commonly affects young adults.

Acne affects both males and females. Males can suffer from this disease more due to access of testosterone is present in men.
There are different types of acne. Which are as follows:

Mild acne:

These type of acne are not much dangerous for you. You can take control on them early. You can take control on them by using products of salicylic acid. Majority of adults have this type of acne. Some adults remove it forcibly by hand or with something but be careful this is not a good solution as it can give you disadvantage in face of scars. Mild acne are less noticeable. The picture of mild acne is shown below.


Moderate acne:

This acne is more visible than mild acne. Moderate acne stays for longer. This type of acne is red and also filled with pus. Adult girls have this acne on cheeks, chin or on jaw. We can take control on Moderate acne at home. If you frequently remove them this can lead to serious severe acne.


Severe Acne:

If you have this type of acne then you are in a serious problem. This can lead you to problem. These acne can disturb your life, work, study, etc. you realy don’t want to show your face to others.  In severe acne degree of  inflammation present in severe acne.  Severe acne can be on other parts like, neck, shoulder,  upper back, face, etc. in this situation infection spreads very much and there is a risk of increase in acne. You can not take control on severe acne at home. Severe acne realy needs a doctor’s help. Only doctor can treat them.



Cystic Acne:

This is the worst stage of acne.These ance are red and yellow and big in size. They arefilled with pus and they are almost 4mm in size. This infection is very deep and much hard to control.


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