Selecting The Right Foundation For Skin!

Makeup is an important part of a women’s life. However not every woman is aware of the techniques and methods which are used in makeup by a professional. It is not possible to visit a makeup artist every now and then even for casual makeup therefore by choosing the right essentials for makeup you can look as beautiful as ever by doing it at

Foundation is an important part of your makeup, and the way it is being applied and carried decides the level and lasting time of your makeup. In order to make your skin look flawless and to apply perfect makeup yourself you must know few things about selecting the right foundation for your skin.

A foundation is being used as essential for makeup for many reasons such as to cover up the acne, scars, dark skin and to give a smooth and flawless texture on your skin. Not only this but the better your foundation is the more your makeup would last.

Many different brands of foundation are available in the market with different specifications such as liquid base, mineral powder, stick base etc. Before you select which foundation to buy for yourself you must consider the type of your skin.

Women having a normal skin type are at liberty to choose any kind of foundation they wish to apply that is you can go for stick base, liquid base and also for the mineral powder.

Ladies having an oily skin have to be cautious while choosing a foundation. Going for an oil free foundation is a perfect choice it can either be a liquid one or a matte one.

Dry skin being the opposite of the oily skin needs a foundation that contains oil and can moisturize your skin. Therefore going for oil based foundation or a foundation mousse would be a perfect choice to give your skin a flawless look.

After considering the type of the skin you need to consider the shade. While looking for the shade all you need to do is to try some and select the one that matches your skin tone, but make sure you test the shades in the outdoor lighting as in the cosmetic shops the lights may lead to give you the wrong shade and you may end up buying the wrong foundation not matching your skin

No matter what your skin type and tone be never overdo your foundation by applying thick layers as it will start bursting and melting after a few hours and will give you an undesirable look.


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