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See How your Butt Shape tells a lot about your Health

If you have not thought about the shape of your butt lately, now is the time to reconsider your priorities. Pause those dreadful crunches a bit for contrary to popular perception, some form of fat storage can actually be a good sign. It has been researched that fat stored in certain parts of the body is a good sign and the shape of your butt is the key to the mystery. Fat stored mostly in the torso or the chest area of your body can prove to be more hazardous for health than fat stored in other parts. For instance, more fat in the hips reduces risk of heart diseases, diabetes and the likes by keeping the fat from storing around the heart. As such, bigger butts are merely our body’s way of keeping the fat away from the heart. What is more is that bigger butts are high maintenance and require an abundance of something called Omega-3 fats which work as catalysts for brain development… wait, so women with big butts are more intelligent? Science says so!

Nevertheless, all is not as simple as it seems. Some butt shapes can actually prove dangerous later in life but there is nothing a little exercise can’t fix. So carve away all that excess fat or shuffle it around not just because you want to get back into that slim-fitted dress that has been gracing the farthest corner of your wardrobe but also because your health needs you to! But before you jump on the bandwagon with your yoga pants on and your exercise gear in tow, take a moment to know your butt shape – yes, we have categories for that as well!

Square bum shape is a total bummer. Coming down from the waist to the hips, all that fat is camping on your love handles and stopping you from rocking that crop top. Work off that extra fat in the gym or do something as simple as kneeling squats to have stronger glutes and a healthier body. Next up, if your butt is circular then a slim waist and wider hips are just what you need. Nevertheless, some exercise is always good for health; loosen up a bit of that fat at the bottom if you need. Further on, if you have a heart shaped bum, you have nothing to worry. Constituting a slim waist that leads to wider hips, the difference in heart shaped bum and circular bum is the addition of extra fat stored in the thighs. However, this kind of a shape is only desirable for a short amount of time for there is a danger that over time and with age, this kind of shape can move the fat from the bottom to the mid-section of the body. Finally, the V shaped is a sign of old age. Fat starts to redistribute and ends up moving to undesirable areas, especially the heart. Keep a track of your butt shape and make sure you exercise to improve your chances of a healthy, stress-free life!

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