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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Buy this amazing thing now

Galaxy note third generation is now in your hands. If you didn’t buy it yet then go it buy this amazing thing now. It has incredible processing power. if you ask anybody a question that you have any question or complain against it you will get answer a big no. it is the first smartphone which comes with 3GB RAM in it. Galaxy Note 3 also has 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor in it. This phone can handle even everything.


Galaxy note 3 was first released in September 25, 2013.Its slogan is “Design the story of your life Take note”. Its weight is 168 g. it has a beautiful rear camera of 13 mega pixels with auto focus and 4k video recording.

This Phone is 5.7-inch; it is quite large in the hand and pocket. Research was conduct before launching this smart phone. Research proved the people like and have no problem to the size of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. People are really enjoying using Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2. Majority of people are satisfied with them. Ratio of people who are using Samsung Galaxy smart phone is increasing day by day. People are coming to these smart phones. Its battery timing is pretty good.


The Galaxy Note 3 have latest version of Android. Its features are really amazing. Some people criticize its size but they don’t know that Galaxy Note 3 was sold 5 Million on the first month in spite of its high price. This Smart phone is really very powerful to do work, media, etc. The size is not a big issue for people. It has great features. It is very classy device.
It has S pen in it.



Samsung Galaxy note 3 is available in more than 1 colors. It is available in,
1. Jet Black,
2. Classy White,
3. Bluish Pink,


 Uniqueness and ‘S’ pen:


From the past many years Galaxy is focusing on uniqueness. This time the company added ‘S’ pen in it. Which glorify the beauty and style of this smartphone. The ‘S’ pen is very much useful and good in work.

Galaxy Note book is becoming the first choice of everybody. It has great apps. You are going to hold a luxurious Galaxy Note3 in your hand and this smart phone is very much interesting.
The Slogan of Galaxy Note 3 is “Design the story of your life Take note”. Now it’s upon you, that you want to fly or you want to die…..!!

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