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Quiet Replacement of Faulty Galaxy SIIIs by Samsung

Users of XDA Developers have noticed and reported that the count of faulty Galaxy SIIIs just after 150-200 days use is increasing consistently and no reason is appearing behind this. They have also added that Samsung is replacing its faulty Smartphones very quietly to save its repute. However, with the rising number of faulty handsets, this issue has come in front of people. Now, people are questioning the reason behind this silent fault. The story is like that, just after buying the Galaxy SIII, the level of comfort and joy is matchless. However, after using this Smartphone beyond 150 days, many people are facing problem in the main board of Galaxy SIII. This is called “Brickness” of the phone.

The problem does not end here. People, who have received the replacement of their faulty Galaxy SIII, are again facing the problem in main board of these phones just after next 150 days. Samsung is trying to resolve this serious issue on a priority basis and hope to hear some good news soon.

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