Puffy Pie!

Cooking is a daily activity of everyone and also a daily requirement of every house. People usually cook the usual dishes everyday and then they themselves and their families get bored of eating the usual dishes every day. Cooking with uniqueness and variety is always great for yourself as well as your family, this way you will get a variety in your cooking skills and along with that you will also be able to make your family happy with the new dishes.Puffy Pie!

Cooking is an art which only few people can master. In order to be an expert in cooking, you need to take risks and try new items for your family and friends. This way you will be able to become an innovative cook. If you really want to go for innovation and uniqueness with something yummy for your dining table try the Puffy Pie. This is a complete meal that comprises of chicken, vegetables, a puffy layer of dough and also the sauces. This is an ideal dish for gatherings that you may have during the evening time.


  • Half kg chicken,
  • Half cup pea boiled,
  • Half cup carrots boiled,
  • One packet cream,
  • Half cup pizza sauce,
  • One cup grated cheese,
  • Salt as per your taste,
  • Half teaspoon red chili powder,
  • Half teaspoon crushed red chilies,
  • A pinch of oregano and thyme,
  • One small onion chopped,
  • One teaspoon ginger garlic paste,
  • One tablespoon oil,
  • Puff pastry dough half kg


Cut the chicken into cubes and keep it aside. In a pan pour oil and add ginger garlic paste in it, let it fry for about two minutes, after two minutes add chopped onion in it and let fry till the onion turns soft and pink.  When the onion is done add chicken cubes in the pan and also add red chili powder, salt, crushed red chilies, oregano and thyme. Let it cook for five to seven minutes. After five to seven minutes pour cream and boiled carrots and peas in the pan and mix the ingredients properly. Cover the pan and let it cook till the chicken is done and the water is dried.Puffy Pie!

Roll the dough of puff pastry in the round shape like we make the bread for pizza and place the rolled dough in a round greased dish. Spread the pizza sauce properly on the rolled dough and pour the chicken mixture on it, also spread the grated cheese and cover the mixture with round rolled dough bread. Bake the pie for 10 to 15 minutes. This is a very yummy and mouthwatering pie. The above given recipe will make two round dishes and can serve 8 to 10 people.

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