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Preventing and Treating Brown Spotting When Pregnant

Dark spots occur often during pregnancy. It is due to the stimulation of pregnancy hormones. These hormones cause melanin to be released which causes darker pigmentation of the skin. It can really be an uncomfortable situation for pregnant women. It can not only affect her self esteem, but it can also be very emotional. So, lets take a look at the ways that these dark spots can be diminished.

Home Remedies

Grooming is very important and fundamental for pregnant women. Most pregnant women will care a lot about theBrown Spotting way that they look. While she may be uncomfortable during her pregnancy, there is no reason that her skin shouldn’t be radiant.

· Papaya – there are a lot of different papaya products on the market that can help to restore skin fairness. With brown spotting, it is important to use the natural papaya products. Blending up fresh papaya will do the trick for many women.

· Vitamin C – another way to reduce the brown spotting is by using citrus fruits that are high in vitamin C. These fruits can really help to cool and soothe skin. When mixed with essential oils, it can be a great way to lighten skin and hydrate it as well.

Other Products

Dark SpotsSome women don’t really want to worry with home remedies, and would rather use certain skin care products to care for their skin. It is really recommended that pregnant women use sunscreen when they are going out in the sun. It should definitely be applied to the face as well. There are also great lotions that have a moisturizer and sun protectant that can be used.

Lightening creams can also be used. The key is to use them correctly. There are some products out there that are not safe for pregnant women to use. It is not recommended to use products that have a lot of salicylic acid or retinol A in them.

If the dark spots don’t really bother you that much, then you might be good to just go ahead and deliver the baby when it is time and watch them fade away naturally. The good news is that most of the spotting will go away on its own, and if it does not there are many other options available from a dermatologist once the baby is born. It is just not possible to use many of their available products and treatment procedures while still pregnant.

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