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Precautionary Measures – COVID-19

Precautionary Measures – COVID-19
Precautionary Measures – COVID-19

While the global epidemic of corona virus is causing deaths worldwide, patients are recovering from the epidemic and returning to normal life, not only during the period of being infected with the corona virus but also recovering from it. Even after that, many precautions must be taken.

According to medical experts, after being infected with Covid 19, it cannot be said that the patient has fully recovered and can no longer be infected with the corona virus again.

Here are some post-Covid 19 precautions to be taken by medical experts to prevent re-infection with the corona virus after recovery.

Precautions after recovery from Covid 19

According to medical experts, patients infected with the corona virus may be re-infected with the virus, some patients fail to make antibodies, and such patients have an increased risk of re-infection with the corona virus.

Patients with corona virus should choose a good and positive diet to strengthen their immunity during and after recovering from the epidemic, as well as light exercise daily.

After recovering from the corona virus, one should wear a mask, keep a distance between others and take special care of one’s hygiene.

Everyone who is infected or healthy with the corona virus should avoid junk and fast food altogether.

During an outbreak, do not ignore precautionary measures before or after being infected with the corona virus.

According to medical experts, the coronavirus vaccine needs more time to arrive, and all those affected by the outbreak or those who have survived the outbreak should take the precautionary measures outlined.

Despite the severity of the corona virus and the reduction in cases, keep in mind that the epidemic is not over yet. If you are still healthy or have recovered from being infected, take the same precautions as before. Strategies need to be adopted.

Coronavirus is a disease that spreads from person to person, with the same risk of recurrence or infection in a healthy person.

To avoid corona virus, make it a habit to wash your hands frequently, especially before eating, wash your hands, do not leave the house without a mask, and sanitize your hands frequently.

The role of diet during and after coronavirus recovery

Strengthening the immune system is essential during an epidemic. The best and most positive diet recommended for a patient infected with the corona virus is fruits, vegetables, pulses soup, chicken broth, white meat and dried fruits.

According to medical experts, diet plays an important role in recovering from the corona virus, while a good and positive diet should be continued even after recovering from the epidemic.

Patients recovering from the corona virus should consume whole meal bread, fruits, vegetables, fish, foods containing probiotics such as lemons, ginger pickles and dried fruits.

Be sure to sunbathe for 15 to 20 minutes a day to maintain bone health.

Use supplements.

Use water, sesame seeds, coconut water, green tea, soup as much as possible.

Corona virus also affects the stomach, which makes it difficult to digest food. In this case, use porridge made from pulses and rice, porridge with ghee.

Continue to use vitamins C, E and A during and after being infected with the corona virus.

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