Orange Soufflé, A Yummy Dessert!

During summers everyone wishes to have something cool and refreshing rather than heavy and rich. Dessert making is an art which not everyone knows and dessert is being required at every occasion be it a casual dinner or lunch. Trying new and innovative desserts please your family as well as your guests and also make you happy when everyone appreciates you. In order to help you with your innovative dessert we have suggested below an amazing recipe which is very different and very easy as well. If you want you can even prepare this dessert for the gathering being organized at your place. This recipe is the yummy orange soufflé which will make your day.

Orange Soufflé, A Yummy Dessert!


  • One can evaporated milk,
  • One can condensed milk,
  • One packet orange jelly,
  • Few slices of oranges,
  • One and half cup water,
  • One packet fresh cream


In a pan boil water and when the water is boiling add the powder of orange jelly in it. Keep stirring the jelly till it reaches to its boiling point. After the jelly is done remove it from flame and keep aside but keep stirring it so that it may remain in the liquid form. In a blender add evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream and also add the cooled down jelly mixture and blend the ingredients properly. When the mixture is being blended properly pour this mixture into a bowl and let it set for two to three hours in the refrigerator. In a bowl add some cream and beat it very well so that that It may get thick, when the soufflé is set garnish it with the orange slices and whipped cream.Orange Soufflé, A Yummy Dessert!

This recipe is a yummy one and also a very easy one which you can prepare within no time even if you get unexpected guests.


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