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Nokia Lumia 925 – A Good Come Back

As everyone knows that Nokia has been a pioneer in the mobile phone industry for many years. However since the Smartphones started emerging the usual phones of Nokia lost its importance in the mobile phone market and people started running after the smart phones like crazy. Since then the Nokia has started losing its importance and people stopped buying Nokia. For many years Nokia didn’t make any such move in the Smartphone industry and nobody knew the reason.Nokia Lumia 925 – A Good Come Back!

After a silence of many years Nokia made an outstanding come back in the mobile phone industry, this comeback was not with the usual mobile phones rather it was with a wonderful Smartphone.

This Smartphone is called the Nokia Lumia 925; this phone was launched in June 2013. This phone comprises almost all the features which many other mobile phone companies were offering in their Smartphones which people were buying like crazy.

This phone consists of the operating system of Microsoft Windows Phone 8; this phone offers multi touch with the display screen of 4.5 inches. The SIM to be inserted in this phone shall be the micro one.

You can easily access internet by this phone either by using the internet services provided by your network provider or by way of the WI-FI facility being built into this phone. You can check our e-mails, and can access social networking as well, watching your favorite videos and listening to your favorite music is also not a problem with this phone.

This phone is also very helpful in your office work. As it allows you to set reminders, view documents and you can also edit your document here.Nokia Lumia 925 – A Good Come Back!

The camera of this phone offers the 8 mega pixel image in the primary one and 1.3 mega pixels in the secondary one. You can click your images and can also edit them in this phone.  You can also enjoy radio in this phone.

This phone is available in three different colors that are black, white and gray.  You can try this phone if you really need a Smartphone in Nokia.

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