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Nail art was originated from Europe, but now we  can see stalls  in  all big shopping  malls,  which are helping  women to get beautiful nails. Here, we are discussing some new nail trends in Pakistan.

  1. Matte Nail Polish: Leather texture nail polished are quite trendy these days. It’s just like the matte nail polish. To get a different look, apply leather nail color of your nails and coat it twice. It will  give a velvet look to your nails. If you are using matte nail color, you can give them a different texture with the help of your art brush.
  2. Studs: Studs are also commonly used on leather nail polishes. You can add stones and studs of different sizes, matching with your dress. Glossy nail color is also in with studs.
  3. Lace texture: Lace like look is also very common these days. You can give lace texture to your nails and they will give a fresh look to your personality.
  4. Funky colors: You can use more than one  color on your  nails. Coat your nail with a light color and use darker shades on the tips. It looks really trendy.
  5. Pointy tips: They seem old fashioned but actually they are back in with new trends. Now you can use leather or lace trends with these tips. They will look more delicate and beautiful. To give them funky look, you can add lacy studs as well.
  6. Animal prints: You can create animal prints on your nails, lacy and leather texture will help you to get them to perfection.
  7. Soft base: Using soft base can help you to get lace texture in a fine way. In dark colors it will not be clearly  visible.

These are just the few ideas, you can do much more with your nails.

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