Nail Art- A trend on hype!

Nail art is very popular these days among women. It helps enhancing the beauty of the hand of a lady with great variety. Nail art is so common these days that many shopping malls comprise of the facilities of different stalls of nail arts moreover many shops also are providing materials related to nail art so that a person can do it at home as well. Different people prefer different kind of nail art amongst a list of different styles. Few tips which you can try with your nails are given below so that women can make their hands look beautiful.Nail Art

The Velvet texture of nails is very popular these days in the latest fashion trends. If a leather colored nail polish is being applied on nails with a double coat the leather velvety texture appears on your nails.

Studs are being very widely used by ladies on their nails these days as per latest fashion trends. You can easily put up stoned studs on your nails after putting on nail color. It looks good when you are attending any formal occasion. Leather and glossy nail color have been famous with studs.

Making your nails look colorful is also a trend of hype being followed by ladies. Use of different colors with different shades makes your nails look funky and colorful.

Old fashions always come back in some or the other way and same is the case with pointy nail tips as well. Yes, it’s back again. You can further make your pointy nail tips more beautiful by way of studs and lace trends.

Animal prints these days are also being opted for as a nail art. This can be done by way of giving leather and lacy texture to nails.Nail Art Mustache

If you want a perfect lacy texture on your lace go for softer colors rather than the darker ones. Soft colors are always good to apply when it comes to having lacy texture.

Try the tips given above and have a new look of nails every day.

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