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Meteors called Perseids

Meteors called Perseids
Meteors called Perseids

This impression would certainly not be pleasant if there were piles of rubbish and dust all around us, but when our earth passes between the dust and rocks in space, people on the earth would see lots of broken stars in the night sky. And these broken wires sometimes have fireballs in them. They are called “precedents”. The rain of broken wires or meteors begins with the sun of the comet “Swift Tuttle”. Is caused by entering orbit around.

According to the Royal Museum Greenwich astronomer Edward Bloomer, every year the Earth passes through the orbit around the Sun of a matte or comet called Swift Tuttle, so that the debris left by this comet enters our Earth’s atmosphere. And when this rice-like debris of ice, mud and rocks enters the upper surface of our atmosphere, it glows for a few moments.

Experts say that the special thing about this series of meteors called Perseus is that you can see it every year. According to Edward Bloomer, this series starts in the month of August. This can be seen without a telescope, although it can be useful to look at the sky continuously for several nights.

Experts say that sometimes a large fragment of the comet’s drop enters the Earth’s atmosphere and it looks like a ball of fire. You can easily see about a hundred falling stars in an hour. By the way, these meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere at a tremendous speed of 215,000 kilometers, but they do not pose any threat.

According to Bloomer, this rain of broken wires is called Perseus because it appears to emerge from the constellation Perseus, but this spectacle of nature has been noted by many different civilizations around the world and given different names. In Catholic tradition, they are called St. Lawrence’s tears.

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