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Messy Fishtail Braid

Half up, half down hair styles look really beautiful and they are in fashion always. If you are interested in trendy looks you can choose this Messy fishtail Braid. It is really easy to create and young girls will love to have it. It will take just a few minutes and you can make it on your own without any assistant.


Brush, spray bottle, rat- tail comb, hair elastics, hair sprays.


  1. Take a section of hair behind each ear, but do not go to high. It should be like the side sections have pulled back.
  2. Secure them at the back of the head with the help of small elastic bands.
  3. Flip ponytail up and secure with elastic. Pulled back side sectioned will give twisted look, after that.
  4. Start fish tailing the ponytail.
  5. When it is complete, tag it on the edges of braid to give it a messy appearance.
  6. Use elastics to secure the ends.
  7. Spray with hair spray, to fix the hair.
  8. You can add accessories to give it a more beautiful look.

If you want to get the more messy look, you can cut the elastic of ponytail. It will lose the hair and they will give the untidy look. Its seems untidy but actually it’s really popular.

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