Makeup Tips For Winters

Everyone knows that winter makeup is different from summer  makeup. There are some changes, which you should do in your makeup, according to the season. Here are a few tips, which will help you to change and you will be able to get a new look, this winter.

  • Moisturizer: Skin turns dry in winter and the dryness increases, as you wash your face with regular soap. So, make sure that you apply moisturizer before applying any kind of foundation. You can mix foundation with a lotion and apply it without using a sponge. It will give a natural look to your face. After that you can apply regular makeup.


  • Smoky eyes: Smoky eyes are quite in this winter, so you can also try them. You can use a thick eye liner and mascara. Shades of gray and black will help you to give smoky effect to your eyes. They look perfect with look coats and shawls.


  • Shimmer: In summer, we all want soft look but in winters you can go for shimmery make up. You can use gloss for your lips and shimmer on your eyes. Young girl can do experiment by throwing shimmery dust around their eyes. Use dark colors for your blush on and eye shadows.

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