Makeup Brushes You Must Have

Makeup brushes are very important part of your beauty box. Different kinds of brushes are available. It is really important to have right kind of brushes, if you will not have proper make up brushes, you will not be able to put right makeup.


These brushes are not only small but flat and angles too. You can use these brushes along with your gel liner and eye shadow. It can help in defining the shape of your eyes.

Fluffy eyeshadow

This brush helps in blending different shades, particularly when you want smoky eyes. It has short fat shape, so you can use it on your face as well.


Sponges don’t help in applying even foundation, so foundation brush can help you. These brushes are also flat and you can use them for other purposes as well.


These brushes have rounded shape and small handle. Their bristles are also shorter. You can apply color to your cheeks and around your temples.


These are fluffy brushes, and help you to apply powder on your face to get a perfect looking face.


These brushes have long handle and short but strong bristles. It helps you to apply lipstick precisely on your lips.

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