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Lots of Heat Packed inside a Bra: Gun to be Precise

If you were thinking about giving a way to women to be better able to defend themselves against stalkers and rapists, here is finally a new product, lingerie in fact, that was displayed at the convention of NRA this weekend. Labeled Gun Bra, this lingerie features a detachable holster at the front and attracted many visitors who gathered at the Heat Packed Braconvention. This bra is aimed for all ladies who have a desire to use firearm but find them unable to hold the firearm. This bra has the potential to become very popular among females who find wearing gun holster very awkward for obvious reasons.

Americans are famous all over the world for their love for the firearms but so far, there has been no special gun accessory specifically made for the females. The American gun culture has excluded women by large but this gun bra seems to be the perfect accessory to catch the imagination of females around the country.  If you are a damsel worried about your safety and security, you would definitely love to wear this accessory that allows you to reach out to your firearm instantly whenever you are caught in a scenario where you are mugged by a stupid man.

With the rising number of crimes against women, there is a need for such accessories for women today more than ever before. This boob gun, oops gun holding bra, is stylish but needs to take into account the comfort of ladies of all shapes and sizes who are on the lookout for such accessories that are essential in their endeavor to have increased protection. This bra gives gun loving ladies the freedom to pack the heat around their boobs. The important thing of Gun Bracourse is the holster that has been made by a company called Flashbang. This holster can hook up with almost most bras that are being worn by women these days. It is easy to use and al you got to do is to pull up your shirt and pull down this holster on to your bra. You are now armed once you place your pistol inside this holster and ready to face any eventuality like mugging. Priced at $39.99, these holsters are stylish and add to the style quotient of any women.


No one can now say National Rifle Association has products only for males, isn’t it?


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