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Jewelry is an ancient accessory which has been modernized with the passage of time. Materials used for making jewelry and the designs change with the culture. People were used to make jewelry, but now designers are making jewelry according to the latest trends.

Designers in Pakistan are also doing a great job and making wonderful jewelry designs. They are making not just the casual jewelry, which women can wear at parties and other occasion but bridal jewelry is also made by them. These designers participate in international exhibition as well. Usually different kinds of stones, silver, gold, bronze and pearls are used in this jewelry.

Earrings, bracelets, necklace, pendant, rings and many other jewelry items are part of their collection. For casual wear, women prefer light jewelry while for wedding heavy jewelry is preferred. Women like delicate jewelry with small stones. Mahreen Sayed, Sara Taseer and many other designers are doing a great job.

Designers’ jewelry is a bit expensive, if we compare it with common jewelry but at the same time its unique and delicate. The stones are fixed and it is longer lasting. So, if you are looking for a unique jewelry item, which is not worn by anyone else, go for designer jewelry.

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