It Is Possible To Get Flat Belly Now

We all want a flat belly, especially when your favorite jeans do not fit you. Women are particular conscious about their middle and try different things. Here are few tips, which can help you to get a flat belly and you can wear your jeans again.

Snack time

Try to have a snack in between 3 to 4 p.m. in evening. But make sure that it contains proteins. You can have low fat cheese, almonds or an apple.

This kind of snack can enhance your metabolism and it can also help in balancing the blood sugar level. Lower blood sugar will lead to lower insulin production. Actually it’s the insulin which causes the storage of fat around your belly. If you eat after every 3 hours, it will keep your blood sugar level in a balance. If you will take 5 to 6 hours break between meals, it will lead to fat deposits around your middle part.

Ball exchange exercise

Ball exchange exercise is really popular one, as far as flat belly in concerned. For that, you have to lay flat on your back. Your arms should be above your head and legs should be straight out. Take a ball in your hand above your head. Bring the ball forward, towards your chest and bring your legs up and let them meet the ball. Hold ball between your ankles. Bring the ball down to floor holding between ankle and straight the arms over your head. Your back should be on the ground during the complete exercise. Repeat the same exercise for 10 to 12 times.

Low sugar intake

Try to have less sugar, as little as you can. It will also keep the insulin level lower. Moreover, level of glucagon will be higher. This hormone is good for flat belly. This hormone consumes belly fat as a source to produce energy.

Chew your food

Proper chewing is the first step towards proper digestion, as the digestive process starts in mouth. Chew your food and you will have less gas and bloating problem.

DCBA approach

This is a popular tend these days and many dieticians approve that. DCBA means Diet at first place and then cardio, building muscles and Abs exercise in the last. Just by following this you can lose two pounds in a week.

Use sea salt

Commonly sea salt is used in our houses. But this salt can be a cause of your fat deposits. Try to use natural salt in your food, which has lower sodium content. Avoid soy sauce, as it has high sodium content. You can use tomato salsa and cayenne pepper instead.

Use whole grain foods

Try to use whole grain food. It can consume more fat around your belly. A research shows that people, who use whole grain food, get less fat deposited on their belly.


Plan a healthy menu if you want a flat belly. For instance, you can take a whole wheat bread with peanut butter in breakfast. A cup of berries will also do. For lunch, you can have salad and fruits; some grilled fish will also be great. Sweet potato in roasted form and grilled salmon will be a good combination for dinner. If you want to take snack in between the meals, fat free yogurt is a good choice.


Laughing help your abs muscles. If you will laugh your muscles will get stronger and ultimately you will lose weight.

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