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Is Eating Too Little Foiling Your Weight Loss Plan?

If it seems like the more you exercise, the more weight you gain, it may not just be your imagination.  There is nothing worse than feeling deprived and exhausted all the time only to see the weight on your scale continue to inch up.  The major reason why you may be having a hard time maintaining your weight is because you may not be taking in enough Weight Losscalories, or may not be receiving the right nutrients that are necessary for the body to operate properly.  You may, through your eating and exercise habits, have put your body into starvation mode, which forces your body to hold onto calories and store them as fat.

It seems counterintuitive to what we have been told, and know instinctively, that eating more may help to lose weight.  If however, you are not taking in enough calories and are expending well beyond what you should, your body is not efficiently using the calories as you eat them.  If you are not taking in enough calories for your body to operate, it will slow down your metabolic rate in order to save the calories, thinking that you are in a state of starvation.  For survival purposes the body is hardwired to read times when you may be experiencing famine.  In order to counter times when food is not available, the body has a way of adjusting its internal metabolism to hold onto calories by slowing down your body processes.  When this occurs it stores calories as fat for periods when food is not available.

If you are not eating enough, therefore, the body’s metabolism will slow down and that is why you may be experiencing a hard time maintaining your weight.  Unfortunately, the more you cut calories, or try to burn off the calories that you consume, the more the body will adjust by slowing its metabolic rate.  This becomes a frustrating conundrum.

The only way to undo this harmful cycle is to increase your caloric intake and cut back on your exercise.  As hard as it isIs eating too little foiling your weight loss plan to do psychologically, it is the only way to retrain your body to burn calories efficiently.  In effect, it is the only way to speed up your metabolic rate so your body will begin to burn calories at a rate that will allow you to lose those extra pounds and remain at a healthy weight.  It is true that losing weight all comes down to the ratio of calories in versus calories expended.  There is a point where too many calories out and not enough taken in may be foiling your weight loss efforts.

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