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IPhone Apps for Expectant Fathers

When you are expecting a baby, there are many resources available for expectant moms.  What about the dads?  The good news is that there are a variety of Iphone apps available for expectant dads.  This day and age, just about everyone has a Smartphone.  Here are the top 10 apps for new dads:

#1 m Pregnancy

This is an application that is tailored to men who are expecting.  It helps them to notice changes as they occur in their unborn baby.  It is a funny app that really puts things into perspective and helps men to understand everything that is going on.

#2 Labor and Contraction Timer

This is an application that is used to help the expectant fathers time and monitor the contractions as the pregnant woman begins having them.  It can be automated to monitor duration and interval of the contractions that are experienced. IPhone Apps for Expectant Fathers

#3 Guys Guide to the Delivery Room

This is an application that men can use to learn more about what goes on in the delivery room.  This can help to minimize the anxieties that come along with the delivery.

#4 iPregnancy

This is a pregnancy application that is endorsed by OB/GYNs.  It can give people help when it comes to understanding physical changes that occur during pregnancy.

#5 Baby Names

When you are trying to come up with baby names, this is a great app to use.  It has many names to choose from.

#6 Pimp My Ultrasound

This app is great for people that want to customize the images of their ultrasounds.  You can add images, frames and other graphics to it to help make it more presentable.

#7 Baby Pool

If you want to have a baby pool with your friends, then you can download this app.  It will let people bet on the sex of your baby, and the actual date of birth.

#8 Pregnancy

This application will give you the option to look at what your baby looks like as it grows in your spouse’s womb.

#9 BabyBump Pro

This is an application that helps to give pregnancy tips for both the mom and the dad.  It has updates each week, and it can also help them to see changes as they occur from week to week.

IPhone Apps for Expectant Fathers

#10 UrbanSpoon

When your partner has a craving, you will want to find food quickly.  You can use the Urban Spoon app to do just that.

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