iPhone 6 release date, features and design

You will find new IPhone one of the most stunning device in the history of smartphones. As you know about the previous models IPhone 5S and Iphone5C, there are some simple updates made in the new one. There was much pressure on this new smartphone. So my dear friends I am going to introduce you to the new and mind blowing device IPhone 6.

IPhone 6 Release Date
The releasing date of IPhone 6 is what? Many guesses were made but no one was right. It is going to release in this year 2014. May be Apple will release it in September 2014. IPhone 6 is something different. You can also say that there are some changes and addition made in IPhone 5S which will be introduced you in the shape of IPhone 6. Apple is making much powerful mobiles which are giving great competition to Samsung and many other companies.
Apple is going to make a slight difference between the release of IPhone 5S and IPhone 6 so we are expecting its release soon in this year. According to our report the new IPhone will use 20nm processor, which is manufactures by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). We didn’t find any further specification about it.

IPhone 6 Two Screen Sizes
According to our report IPhone 6 will be of 4.7 inches and Phablet will be of 5.7 inches. It is the most recent information we are sharing with you. This will be the first time in the history that Apple will be launch one mobile product in two sizes. This sounds pretty cool. This is just our report from a leaked resource but we are not pretty sure about it because our report was that Apple is trying to launch different screen sizes. But my friends trying and releasing it are two different things. We are expecting it as great information.

IPhone 6 Screen
One thing which everyone is thinking of that what will be the size of IPhone 6’s screen. Majority is thinking that according to competition of big screens in the market IPhone 6’s screen will be huge like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, or Sony Xperia Z. I think it makes a sense that IPhone will launch huge screen but it is 100% correct or not we will come to know in the near future.
According to Japanese company the phone with 5inch display have got full HD resolution which is of 1,920×1, 080, and Apple likes resolution a lot. We can know about its previous models. Some are saying that IPhone 6 will have same resolution like IPhone 5S. In the past Apple didn’t made a large screen mobile so we are 50/50 about it whether Apple will introduce huge screen this time or maintained the previous screen size. Previous one are easy to handle and looks great in hands.

IPhone 6 Size
According to our report this new model of Apple will be the slimmest smartphone yet introduced by the company. It might be 6mm thick. New model will be 1.6mm off of the previous model IPhone5. Here many people arises a question that if Apple will introduce it slim then what name it will give to this smartphone because when Apple introduces iPad slimmer and smaller they gave it iPad Air title. That is the reason many of people are thinking that this new model will be called IPhone Air, perhaps.
IPhone 6 Tougher Construction
Everyone is expecting it will be beautifully made and it will not be just as breakable as many other smartphone.  Majority of people are walking around with cracked screen of their smartphone due to drop. This time IPhone will work on its tougher construction. Apple will make it tough that it will not easily breakable after a drop. Apple appears to be working on that part and it will definitely solve this problem this time.
According to our report Apple had a deal with GT Advanced technologies and gave them a target to produce sapphire glass. This sapphire glass will cover camera lenses and finger print reading devices in upcoming products. It will also make scratchproof glass covers for smartphones. Apple paid $578m to that company to produce it in Arizona. GT Advanced technologies are going to be with Apple for five year period. Synthetic sapphire glass name is given to it because it is transparent and technically it is not glass. Its advantages are incredible, hardiness and durable. It has got great value. Apple this time is going to make tougher screen.

IPhone 6 Camera
Apple used physical size of 8-megapixels sensor for IPhone 5S. Apple is going to use it in upcoming model with a slight difference and addition in its quality. IPhone 6 is going to be the bigger and best smartphone. It will contain more room inside it for components. May be it will upgrade with 12 or 13 megapixel. According to our report patent has been granted to Apple for light field camera. It will allow people to refocus on the shots after they take them. Some has seen this technology to be used in Lytro Light Field camera. It will be interesting product due to its software which will allow you to focus on image after capture. IPhone 6 will be great in its Camera option.

IPhone 6 Storage
What our contacts said is that this time IPhone is going to launch model with 128GB. This is great and sounds pretty cool. New model is going to be double in storage than a previous one. Apple is increasing it due to variety of uses of tablet.

IPhone 6 Price
Apple maybe launches this product with the same price as the old ones. I am expecting that 32GB model will cost £529, 64GB will be of £599 and 128GB model will be of £699. It will goes against to the Apple’s tradition of keeping same price but in the near future maybe they will change the price. It will be going to the best smartphone you ever used.

Friends I am anxiously waiting for this super doper smartphone and I hope you are waiting for it like me. IPhone 6 will be launched with great honor and will maintain IPhone’s position on the top as usual. It will definitely prove itself great and superior to all smartphones. It will rule over the smartphones and in the history of smartphone it will set its record. IPhone 6 will be the greatest smartphone you ever used and I hope you will love it. Because Company is Apple and the smartphone will be IPhone 6.

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