Importance Of Dairy Products

Importance of dairy products
Importance of dairy products

Milk and milk products are a very important source of protein and calcium. It is especially important for older people to consume a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night and butter and cheese after waking up. However, butter and cheese should be used as needed as eating cheese increases the amount of salt. Can Milk keeps the body fresh and active from early age to old age and keeps away from diseases. The body building is based on meat, fibers and veins in the bone cage, the structure of which requires all the ingredients in milk, such as calcium for bone strength, protein for meat, body heat and Starch to maintain strength, minerals to make blood and vitamins to prevent disorders, these qualities make it a complete food. Being liquid, it is easily digested. It has the highest amount of calcium, which promotes bone growth. Milk is good for stomach ulcers, acidity and mental health, which should always be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning at breakfast or in the afternoon. Patients with chronic colds benefit from drinking lukewarm cow’s milk mixed with honey. Milk drinkers live longer.

Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk brightens the complexion, strengthens the brain, helps in forgetfulness, forgetfulness, molecules, removes anxiety and delusions, strengthens the heart and thickens the blood. Lysin, a protein that helps with aging, contains 7.61% of milk. Half a kilo of cow’s milk is good for brain workers. Sharpens eyesight. It is high in vitamins A and D, which stimulate the body. Use a glass of cow’s milk daily for hair, nails, teeth and eye health.

Buffalo milk

Semi-warm buffalo milk is a treasure trove of vitamin D. Drinking it strengthens the body. Drinking sugar mixed strengthens the organs. People with mucus problems should use cardamom, ginger or chowder.

Goat’s milk

Goat’s hot milk is very popular, especially for people with hot temper. The mineral salt sodium in it melts the toxins of the body and removes them through the kidneys and bladder. It is a special natural gift for women for smooth skin and beauty, which also eliminates facial freckles and pimples. It contains a good amount of iron which relieves heartburn, cures stomach ailments and is a cure for asthma patients. Its butter and ghee are very useful for tuberculosis patients.

Camel’s milk

Camel’s milk not only improves eyesight but also increases appetite by relieving inflammation and indigestion. To remove dry hair, apply yoghurt on the scalp and sit in the sun for an hour, this way the dryness will disappear.

Sheep’s milk

Sheep’s milk strengthens the heart and mind, it also strengthens the forbidden brain. It is useful in dysentery and eliminates the effects of toxic drugs immediately. In case of cough and intestinal ulcer, drink a towel mixed with 200 ml of sheep’s milk mixed with glue, it will cure soon.


Yogurt is an excellent combination of protein, essential vitamins and minerals, which contain calcium and riboflavin. Yogurt eaters find longevity and thirst relief. Its daily use protects against lung cancer and boosts the immune system against deadly germs.

Butter, cream, Oil

Pure butter is good for tuberculosis patients and eyes, while eating butter made from goat’s milk relieves stomach pain. Cream is more digestible than butter. It is effective in removing dryness and giving strength, while when butter is cooked, ghee comes out, which makes the body fat and clear.

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