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How Will The Universe End?

How Will The Universe End
How Will The Universe End

Scientists have estimated from research that when the universe reaches its end, it will become more unrecognizable than it is today. No one knows how it will end, but according to one scientist, this loneliness, cold and According to a new study by Matt Kaplan of Illinois State University, although the universe will have a quiet and dark end, the explosion of stars will create a time of silent fireworks. It was not likely to explode.

The universe will be completely dark, and it will be full of black holes and remnants of stars that have long since burned to ashes. Professor Kaplan says that (at the end of the universe) It will be a gloomy, lonely, cold place, but in the meanwhile the darkness will be like “Black Dwarf” (stars from which no heat or light is emitted). Today, the smallest stars that cannot burst shrink and become “white dwarfs”, a change that would take place billions of years before the end of the universe.

Stars 10 times the size of the Sun do not have the gravity or density to form iron in the central parts of large stars, so they cannot explode to disappear. As the white dwarfs get colder over the next few trillion years, their light will fade and eventually they will become solid black dwarf stars. Will form into incredibly dense clusters, about the size of Earth, but will continue to have nuclear reactions in stars as large as the Sun. This reaction will slow down and cool down and eventually turn the black dwarf into iron, which will start the process of exploding.

This is the same process that will continue for a long time even after the universe is dark. Black dwarfs will continue to explode and light up the universe (like fireworks) until everything is gone. The first of these Black Dwarf eruptions is predicted to occur between the ages of 10 and 1100. This length means about a trillion years, which is a hundred times longer. Only one percent of the stars in the universe today, which are trillions in total, would explode in this way. Other stars, such as our Sun, are so large that they cannot explode. According to Professor Kaplan, the largest black dwarfs will explode first, followed by smaller black dwarfs.

Eventually there will be nothing left in the universe and there will be silence where nothing will ever happen again. It is difficult to imagine anything after that, the black dwarf eruption is the last interesting thing that happens in the universe. Maybe, and this process of exploding will be the last. Galaxies will disperse, black holes will evaporate, and the expansion of the universe will pull everything else away, and nothing will explode there. It will not even be possible to travel far for light.

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