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How to set Omber hair-style

Omber hair-style is not really new but it looks really beautiful so young girls and even ladies like it very much. You can try it with different color tone, like copper, ruby or amber, according to your personality, age and skin complexion. However, this hairstyle looks good on all hair densities.


You will need a curl enhancing cream, curling iron, hair sprays and brush to make this hairstyle.


  1. Apply curl enhancing cream to the towel dried hair.
  2. Gently diffuse into your hair with soft fingers.
  3. Use a curling iron to refine your curles. You can use any kind of iron but 1 inch thickness is recommended to make Omber hairstyle.
  4. Start curling hair from the back and come to front hair.
  5. In the end, give the finishing touch with hold Hairspray.

Few things should be kept in mind, while making Omber. The diffuser should be of good quality, and try to get it from a reliable store. If you cannot find one, you should contact your stylist, as he can recommend you a better one.

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