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How To Lose 10 Pounds By Effective Methods

lose 10 pounds

In order to know how to lose 10 pounds within a month there must be a systematic approach to follow. You need to lose fats quickly & safely, four things are important;

  • Consuming fewer calories
  • Burning more calories
  • Maintaining healthy nutrient partitioning
  • Building systems & psychology as per fitness plan

how to lose 10 pounds

But this does not mean that you should do starvation diet. You just need to cut down calories without starvation and burn calories without extra time spending. I also recommend you to read about best foods for weight loss as well as the foods which naturally helps in weight loss.


This is the first thing that answers how to lose 10 pounds. For eating fewer calories, you should consider following measures;

Counting calories & macros:

you will need to know calories & grams of carbs, proteins and fats religiously. This is must for at-least first month. You need to calculate this to know percentage of your body fats. While measuring your waist, don’t suck-in your gut. Use a calorie calculator for determining your energy expenditure on daily basis. Ideally calories target should be less than 1000 on workout days under 1200 for other days when only thing you do is to do cardio. You must include at-least 30 grams proteins with each meal. Per snack amount of proteins is at-least 10 grams.

Eliminating sugar & liquid calories:

  Things like sauces, protein bars, fruits etc. contain hidden sugar within them. Be aware of these details.

Drinking lots of water:

it is good to stay hydrated but dehydration may be misinterpreted by the brain as hunger. Drink about 8 liters water per day. One to two glass of water before meal increases metabolism and also suppresses appetite.

drinking lots of water

Practicing intermittent fasting:

There are different measures for this part of answer to how to lose 10 pounds for male and female body. Skip breakfast & daily compress eating to smaller time window. For male, it is recommended to fast for 16 hours at minimum and intake meal in 8 hour window whereas for females this time is fasting for 14 hours and eating for 10. You will end up with eating 2 small meals with one small low caloric snack every day.

Drinking sugar once per day:  this is a brain hack which suppresses hunger hormones` Ghrelin production. It seems to be in contravention to above rule of no sugar but once a day is important. It is found to be having dramatic suppressing of appetite effects which makes it easy for you to follow your diet plans. Best way to use this sugar is to drink 1 to 3 ice water glasses with 1 tbsp. of sugar per glass. Though there will be sugar but there should be no taste. When you drink this solution make sure that you use only water for one before & after using this. Calorie consumption must be separated from sensations of all kinds of flavor. Calories count must cover this sugar intake as well. This is an exception to the above rule but there is no exception for calorie count per day.

drinking sugar once per day


This is the second major change that you should bring to your lifestyle to know how to lose 10 pounds. To burn extra calories your routine should cover below tasks;

burning more calories

Making short, frequent and intense workouts:

 6 days workout each of 20 to 40 minutes. Workout division should be such that there are 3 to 4 days circuit based training and 2 to 3 days cardio workouts.

Exercising on empty stomach:

It is proved by studies that work-out with empty stomach burns extra fats. The perfect time is during early morning hours or immediately before breaking fast. If before meal workout is not acceptable for you, try to do this after few hours when you are done with meal.

Burning energy as heat:

exercising on empty stomach

Healthy woman fitness training, doing press-ups with determined expression in urban industrial gym. Friend is giving encouragement beside her whilst other females workout in background.

 In order to burn more heat energy, you can expose your body to regular cold temperatures. Take showers with cold water, drink cold water, hold ice packs to upper back, keep bedroom cool, etc. All these are a way to burn more heath energy. When you eat spicy foods, body produces more heat. You can always being healthy with exercise.


Move after each meal: short walk must be done after eating. You can also do pushups and air squats for a few minutes. These activities activate GLUT 4 receptors within skeletal muscles such that most food taken in goes to muscles and not to fats stores.

Sleep at-least 7 hours per night:

 in order to enjoy a sound sleep, remove all light sources from bedroom or sleeping area. Sleep for 8 hours at minimum. Before sleeping, get your body relaxed with al lights down. Also read more about importance of sleep.

No alcohol:

There are more calories in alcohol than carbohydrates. Consumption of alcohol disrupts sleep, raises levels of estrogen which leads to more fats storage by body. As a result your weight increases. Cut alcohol from your diet till your goal for weight loss is achieved.


All of the above changes in your lifestyle will lead to weight loss on daily basis and within just a month you will see notable difference in your weight. You may be thinking that the above approach may not suit you because of different body structure. There is no such thing. You just have to follow what is a healthy lifestyle and you will yourself get to know how to lose 10 pounds.  If you have no time for workouts, do at-least 20 minutes workouts with bodyweight at home. If you think that you cannot control your hunger, in the early morning, drink caffeine. Caffeine kills appetite. Eat lots of proteins and vegetables, drink as much water as you can and enjoy sugar solution at night. You will find it hard in the initial days but slowly you will be used to it. It is not easy to lose weight rapidly but you must follow a set plan that must be consistent as well like that mentioned above. A healthy lifestyle means a healthy body without any obesity.


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