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How to hold hands on a date before dating. What is the right timing and excuse?

How to hold hands on a date before dating. What is the right timing and excuse
How to hold hands on a date before dating. What is the right timing and excuse

The manual for holding hands on a date before dating is released. What is the psychology of women who seem light? What is the right time and excuse to hold hands? Answer the man’s question. Here is a must-see romance technique for men that can create an opportunity to associate with a woman you like.

Holding hands on a date before dating is “advantageous for love”

To a man who is hesitant to hold hands on a date before dating. It takes courage to connect, and I often think that I don’t know how to deal with it even after connecting, but holding hands on a date before dating is advantageous for romance. It is a must-see for men who want to confess to women who are worried about the fact that they are not developing even if they are on a date but are worried that they have not been able to step up.

Major premise: “Yes” to hold hands before dating

Before dating, hold hands

It’s possible to hold hands on a date before dating. Rather welcome.

A hard-core man would think, “Why don’t you look like a chara man holding hands before dating?” However, if the other person is a popular woman and has been dating many other men besides you … you will be one step ahead of the other men.

Three benefits of holding hands during a date before dating

Before dating, hold hands

You can see if the other person likes you

Because it makes it easier for the other person to be aware of himself as a love target

Because it will be the basis for the next stage (dating or dating)

It takes courage from the male side to hold hands, but in reality, it’s just a merit. If the other woman holds her hand back, you will know that you are in favor of yourself, and it will bring the two closer together and the path to a couple.

But men, it’s not just about holding hands. Be careful when you hold hands.

Holding hands – timing

Psychology of holding hands before dating

When you are drinking

When eating rice

On the first date

Especially when you hold hands when you are drinking alcohol, the evaluation from women is not so good, “Is this person holding hands?”

Some women think, “It’s so weak that you can’t do it without the help of alcohol! Is it too herbivorous!” Basically, women have a desire to be led by men. It takes a lot of courage for a man to hold hands, and there is a mixture of anxiety about what to do if rejected. Unfortunately, the reality is that women cannot feel that healthy feeling. Because of the difference between a man and a woman.

Considering the feelings of men, it will counteract anxiety, so there are many mountains that want to borrow the power of alcohol, but let’s refrain from relying on the power of alcohol as much as possible. You should refrain from doing it on your first date as much as possible. On the first date, the distance between each other has not been shortened yet, so the risk is high.

“Can I hold hands?”

Timing to hold hands before dating

Similarly, “I want to hold hands” is also NG. Some people think, “Isn’t the response a gentleman’s response to the person who first heard it?”, But it would be non-motivated to take action after obtaining the consent of the other party. It’s a psychology peculiar to women, but it really withers. Please note that men who ask the other person’s complexion one by one when taking action will be stamped with unconfident non-motivated man certification.

The point is to carry things smoothly and casually. So what is the natural way to hold hands?

How to hold hands naturally?

Date holding hands

If you can’t hold a woman’s hand casually and silently, there is only one way. It’s an excuse.

There are three natural and easy-to-speak excuses for men.

“Because it’s hard to get lost” (if there is a lot of people)

“Then go here” (when leaving the store)

“I’ll send it to the ticket gate” (on the way home)

With this excuse, you can hold your hand smoothly and you can lead the other woman. Two birds with one stone.

Give a light excuse and hold the woman’s hand tightly. You can casually go smoothly with this, right?

What is the right time to hold hands?

A man holding hands before dating

The best time to hold hands is on your way home. If you hold hands on your way home, even after you go home at night, the lingering sound of holding hands will remain and your excitement will not disappear. The other woman falls asleep with your head full. “What kind of excitement will you have next?” And expectations for the next date have increased. Let’s try it on your way home.

Sometimes I dare to appeal the tension

Hold hands

People who don’t have much female experience may dare to appeal their awkwardness! “I can’t help but feel the excitement of trying to touch my hands,” the girls’ association has been talking about several times. It seems to remind me of my love affair when I was a student, and it makes me feel very pure.

However, as I mentioned earlier, let’s stop asking “Can I hold hands?” Let’s keep silent when appealing awkwardness.

Hold hands and move on to the next step

If you can hold hands, think about the next step. Will you plan your next date more firmly or will you confess it already? It may be a good idea to decide in advance what to do next after holding hands before dating. If you decide to confess on your next date, determine when to confess. Make sure you know the timing of your confession when planning your date. We support everyone’s love to come true!

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