How to get rid of oily skin

Oily skin is the worst and horrible dream of every girl. No girl can live with such type of skin. Every girl wants to look elegant and gorgeous and oily skin gives them terrible look. If your skin is oil free then you are going to be more attractive and beautiful. Many girls are facing oily skin problem and trying different methods to get rid of the oily skin. They are trying, failing, and struggling against it and they don’t know exactly what to do. Oily skin catches more dust and cause many problems. In our article we are going to be their helping hand and going to tell you some tips about it. You will definitely get a lot from our words. After reading our article you are not going to face any skin problem.

Tips for Oily Skin:

1. Wash face
First and the most important tip is that you must wash your face at least 7-8 times a day. Especially when you came back home from outside, must wash your face twice. Washing face regularly can lead you towards reduction of oil from your face. You must not forget to wash your face with fresh water.

2. Use Scrub
you should use scrub 3 times a day. It has got great benefits for your face. Scrub can fight against oil of your face and leads your skin to oil free and soft beautiful skin. You must scrub your face 3 times in a week as it removes bacteria and other harmful things from your face.

3. Eat Fruits
Vitamins in your body can reduce oil from your skin and it is possible if you eat fruits. Fruits increase vitamins in your body. Fruits have also got many other benefits. It makes you healthy and fit from inside. They provide us vitamin “C”, which helps our skin a lot.

4. Drink Water
Water is much essential for your body. It cleans our body from inside as well as from outside. We must deink 15 glasses of water daily. By doing this we can have healthy, fresh and oil free skin.

5. Use Sun Screen
as you know that sun rays effects our skin a lot. They cause harm to our skin cells. We must use sun screen when we are going to face sun outside. It saves our skin from sun rays and gives us soft touch.

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