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How to choose the bathing costume to cover your defects

The summer is upon us again, and when you are searching the stores to find the best bathing costume, which makes you look sexier, and to hide your imperfections, you will probably be disappointed because you can’t find what you need. Here are some ideas that would help you to find the right costume based on the particularities of your body.


If you are not a Victoria’s Secret model, you probably have cellulite, small breasts or other problems that are problems in finding the right costume. Don’t worry, as 99% of women have the same problems. Here are some tricks that would help you find the right bathing suit:

bathing suit
Bathing costume for flat buttocks


You are not happy with the way your butt looks like? You want it to be more appealing, rounded and attractive. Well, your dream could become reality with exercises for this part of the body, but who has time for this? It is easier to find a costume that masks those defects. In this case, you need a two-pieces costume, with a slip that creates volume. Use the “rounded” accessories, or a model that has flowers on it, as those elements would hide the flat aspect of your behind. It is also a good idea to choose a suit that covers the entire behind with a captivating printing.bathing suit


Bathing suit for small breasts


If you have small breasts and you want to create the impression of a generous bust, you need to give increased attention to the bra. It needs sponged cups, and push-up effect. Another useful trick is to attract the attention on your thighs. This means to look for a slip with interesting accessories.


Bathing suit for a “fluffy” belly


The fluffy belly could make you feel embarrassed on the beach, but with the right bathing suit, you can forget about it. the best solution is a complete suit, in one piece that covers the belly, but it highlights your breasts and thighs.


Bathing suit for dropped breasts


The dropped breasts are not sexy, especially when you are on the beach. This is why you need to find a bathing suit that looks good. generally, the dropped breasts are larger, which means that you need to sustain those somehow. Chose a model with thick sustaining elements, capable to keep the breasts lifted.


If you need a perfect equilibrium between your busts and thighs, you can choose a model with attractive elements in the lateral area.

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