How to apply liquid foundation

Sometimes while doing makeup women use such colors which do not look fit on their face. Because sometimes on some part of face color of skin look different. In our article we are going to tell you about foundation.
Foundation is much important tool in makeup. Using foundation is great art. Its beauty plays a very important role in makeup. You need right color, tools and a good way to do makeup. We are going to tell you how to use liquid foundation. First of all collect liquid foundation, cleanser, moisturizer, powder brush, and hair band. Tie your hair with hair band that they will not disturb you during makeup.

Before applying liquid foundation apply a little bit moisturizer on your face. Applying moisturizer is good for your skin. If your skin is dry then use moisturizer. If you have to skin then there is no need of moisturizer. But must use sunscreen it saves your skin from sun rays. Some beautician says that we should absorb moisturizer completely on our face and clean it that we can use liquid foundation easily.
You should use foundation according to your skin tone. Don’t test it on your finger or hand; test it on your chin. If it fits completely on your skin then use it otherwise changes the color. Put a drop of liquid foundation on puff and rub it gently on your bigger part of face and then rub it on the whole face. Apply foundation with your finger under eyes and near nose. Now take another puff or use it after washing it. Prefer to use synthetic puff. Clean the foundation on your hair and must use good brush for beautiful makeup. Soft brush is very much beneficial in maintaining your skin good and soft.

Keep some points in mind before using liquid foundation. Use new puff every time or wash it every time or apply balanced foundation. Don’t put more foundation otherwise it remains attached to your skin and it will expand on your face if you try to wash it. If you have one puff then wash it and use it when it becomes dry. Don’t apply foundation in hurry. The more time you give to makeup the more your beauty will enhance.
we told you the importance and use of foundation. Hope you like it and we will tell you more beauty tips in our upcoming articles.

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