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How Food Services works in the USA

There are numerous food services operating in the country and they are complying the standards set up by the FDA to regulate and maintain the acceptable level of food supplied to the consumers. Food Services of America are considered as the most authentic and the most effective way of supplying the food. Food service of America is comprised of the restaurants, cafes, catering business, hospital canteens, and also the school Cafes. In the USA, these food services have some typical style of supplying food to the consumers as compared to rest of the world. According to the stats, food services of America has supplied almost $590 billion worth of food to the US population, in the year 2010. There are mainly two types of food services that are considered as the core services; the fast food restaurants and the full service restaurants.

Customer Satisfaction is the priority

Food providers in the United States have the priority to satisfy their customer’s need. As the food industry of the United States possesses the tough competition as there are a number of food service providers that convey food to the consumers. This lead to open a wide range of options for the consumers to choose the appropriate food provider. The demand of the customer also affects the overall theme of the restaurants as well. Food Services of America has a number of participants to compete each other to earn profits.

FDA Regulations

FDA is the body that controls the food service industry to make sure that the consumers are getting the healthy food. There have been certain rules about the labeling of the fast food restaurants as well as these labels directly influence the decision of the consumer to choose the restaurant. Each state has its own food code and a regulatory site set up by the FDA. Food code of 2013 has been enacted to set down the rules according to which each food provider in America has to take guidance while preparing it for the citizens.

Miscellaneous Services

Food Service of America is not only confined to the preparation of the food, but it also includes the waiting services also. They are commonly labelled as the Servers. Contrarily, there is a service called the Counter service, which functions in the fast food restaurants. Full service restaurants include the Servers. Like in the McDonalds, there is a counter service, although they are experimenting the waiting service, which is quite a new experience for the customers. There is another quite interesting service called the Gueridon Service. In this type of service, the preparation phase is being visible to the consumer as there is a special trolley that possess all the required attributes.

Online Ordering

As the technological advancement is becoming common to every consumer, online ordering is also booming. It is far more convenient to order online for the US consumers. Both, full service and fast food restaurants are innovating their systems to enable the online ordering feature. Orders can also be submitted for the takeaways as well.

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