Hermes Men’s Perfume Recommended Popularity Ranking 2020

Hermes Men's Perfume Recommended Popularity Ranking 2020
Hermes Men's Perfume Recommended Popularity Ranking 2020

For those who are looking for a men’s perfume from the popular brand HERMES. In this article, we will thoroughly compare the best fragrances that last the scent from how to choose Hermes perfume for men! Choose a popular Hermès perfume and give an image to a man who smells good and the other person.

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Characteristics of Hermes Men’s Perfume

How to choose by type

1. Tail de Hermes

2. Voyage de Hermes

3. Colon

4. Garden

Hermes Men’s Perfume Recommended Ranking 2020

Features of Hermes Men’s Perfume

How to choose by type?

Hermès, a world-famous luxury brand originating in France, may have many people who have the image of leather products such as bags and wallets for women.

However, perfumes are also popular worldwide as a standard main lineup. The characteristic of Hermes men’s perfume is that it has an elegant and refreshing scent. This product is recommended for both men who love perfume and men who have never been familiar with perfume.

There are several series of Hermès men’s perfumes, each with its own characteristics. Here, we will introduce how to choose the men’s perfume that suits you best from the characteristics of each series, so please refer to it.

1. Tail de Hermes

Tail de Hermès was launched in 2006 as a men’s perfume and quickly became a popular lineup.

The characteristic of Tail de Hermès is that it has a distinctive scent that is fragrant and never mediocre. The powerful scents of citrus and pepper are described as tracing the trajectory of the earth.

Although it is said to be a men’s perfume, it is a neutral perfume that some women love. Recommended for those who are not good at scents such as men’s fragrances.

2. Voyage de Hermes

Launched in 2010, Voyage de Hermès means “Voyage of Hermès”. A perfume that is said to be the culmination of the popular garden series with its refreshing scent.

Voyage de Hermès is a woody scent that combines the freshness of citrus and the spiciness of musk to create a familiar and gentle scent.

It can be said that it is a perfume that creates a sophisticated sex appeal that is perfect for adults in their 30s and above and men in their 20s who want to grow a little.

3. Colon

The scent of the colon is weaker than that of the perfume, and the duration of the scent is as short as 1 to 2 hours.

The characteristics of the colon scent sold by Hermès depend on the product, but in many cases you can feel the refreshing freshness of citrus fruits and the woodyness of the trees.

Perfect for when you want to show off a faint scent or when you go to a place where you don’t like the strong scent of perfume. The fragrance is modest and the duration of the scent is short, so it is a fragrance that is preferred by people who do not usually use perfume and beginners.

4. Garden

The most popular series of fragrances sold by Hermès is the garden series, including the Nile Garden.

Many of the gardens are exotic, inspired by the nature that Hermès’ exclusive perfumer Jean-Claude Elena experienced while traveling around the world. You will enjoy a refreshing and transparent scent in general.

A classic perfume that is unique but loved by women as well as men. It’s a scent that everyone receives, so it’s also recommended as a gift.

Hermes Men’s Perfume Recommended Ranking 2020

Compare classic popular fragrances

Each Hermès fragrance has its own personality, and not all of them are the same.

From here, I would like to introduce the popular recommended products of Hermès men’s fragrances in a ranking format.

Please choose a fragrance that you will not regret knowing the characteristics of each.

8th. Mr. Lee’s Garden

The scent reminiscent of trees has an oriental flavor and is unique.

The latest work in the classic garden series. Recommended for new lovers.

The refreshing scent has a refreshing sensation and can be used without resistance even in the hot summer.

Since we use perfumes with all our might, there may be some people who want to show off their individuality by using perfumes that have a unique scent.

“Mr. Lee’s Garden” is the latest work in the Hermes classic garden series. A perfume with the scent of jasmine and kumquat reminiscent of a Chinese garden with Chinese trees. There is also a note on the net that reminds me of the scent of tatami mats, which seems to have a strong oriental impression.

With this perfume, you can enjoy a unique scent full of exoticism that cannot be found anywhere else. It is recommended without a doubt that the individuality stands out and the surroundings pay attention to it.

Product status

Series name: Garden

Capacity: 50ml, 100ml

Notes: Kinkan, Jasmine, White Musk, Mint

7th. Audrange Vert

The colon has a more subdued scent than perfume, so even beginners can easily use it.

The non-assertive scent is suitable for business, dating, outdoor activities, etc.

It has a shorter duration than perfume, so it is convenient when you want to enjoy the scent for a short time.

“I’m interested in men’s fragrances, but I’d like to try it with a modest scent because it’s my first time.” Beginners may be worried about using a perfume with a strong scent from the beginning.

“Audrange Vert” is a product classified as a colon, which has a lower odor than perfume. Although less subdued than perfume, the scent of citrus and woody is fresh and refreshing, and you will feel the enjoyment of fragrance.

Although it is a colon, it is a product that allows you to fully enjoy the high-quality charm of the Hermès fragrance. It’s a great way for beginners to enjoy fragrance.

Product status

Series name: Colon

Capacity: 100ml, 200ml (If there are multiple types, I would be grateful if you could put them in.)

Top notes: lemon, orange, mint

Middle note: papaya, mango

Last note: Oakmoss

6th. Monsoon Garden

A perfume inspired by water and plants after the monsoon. Although it is unique, it has a scent that makes everyone happy, and it does not float even when used in the business scene.

It has a gentle and gentle scent, so it is also suitable for use in room fragrances.

Women also have many fans, so it is recommended to give them as gifts.

The choice of perfume to be attached to the workplace is a problem. You can’t choose the one that smells too strong or the one that seems to have a different taste.

“Monsoon Garden” reproduces the scent that makes you feel the vitality of water and plants after the monsoon by mixing fragrances. The scent of ginger, cardamom, coriander, etc. makes you feel the gentle kindness that makes everyone happy while being unique.

The scent is pleasant to many people, so it is perfect for use in business situations. It is a recommended perfume that may be said to “smell good” if you put it in the workplace.

Product status

Series name: Garden

Capacity: 50ml, 100ml

Top Note: Floral Notes

Middle note: cardamom, coriander, ginger

Last Note: Vetiver

5th. Garden on the Roof

A unisex perfume that has many fans among women. If you use it, there is no doubt that it will be a girl’s favorite.

The fruity sweet scent does not give off the uncle’s scent that is typical of men’s fragrances.

The refreshing scent has a refreshing sensation and is perfect for going out in the summer.

“I’m using a men’s perfume, but she told me it smells like an uncle.” Some people may have had such an experience. Some men’s perfumes have a scent that reminds me of middle-aged men.

This “Garden on the Roof” is a perfume with an impressive sweet scent reminiscent of citrus fruits and apples. There are many unisex and female enthusiasts, so there is no doubt that girls will love it.

With this perfume, you can smell the fresh fruit and not smell uncle. I recommend her because she should like it too.

Product status

Series name: Garden

Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

Top notes: pears, apples

Middle note: grass, rose

Last note: Oakmoss

4th. Voyage de Hermès

A perfume with the theme of travel and movement, it smells soothing and relaxing between hard trips.

The scent is not too strong and gentle, so even if a man in his twenties wears it, it will not give the impression of being too tall.

The working bottle designed by the exclusive designer is stylish and fashionable, and it is fun to carry around.

I think there are many people who are not good at smelling too strong perfume. I’m sure some people are looking for a perfume that doesn’t have a strong scent.

“Voyage de Hermès” was manufactured with the theme of travel and travel. Sandalwood and cedar give a refreshing feeling like a tree, and the spiciness of berries and Angelica makes you feel the gentleness of the earth, giving you peace of mind between trips.

If you sprinkle this perfume, you and the people around you will not be bothered by the good scent that drifts. It is recommended for people who are not good at perfumes that smell too strong to enjoy perfumes without any resistance.

Product status

Series name: Voyage de Hermes

Capacity: 35ml, 100ml

Top notes: Cardamom, Angelica

Middle notes: Floral Notes, Green Notes

Last note: Cedar Wood, White Musk

3rd. Tail de Hermes

The earthy and unique woody bar-like scent is perfect for adult men in their 30s and above.

It has a unique scent that is rarely found anywhere else, so it doesn’t wear on people.

Since the claim is strong, you can appeal enough just by spraying it on your wrist or ankle.

“I want to give a Hermes perfume as a gift for my friend’s birthday when he is in his thirties, but which one should I choose?” Maybe some people have such a problem. When it comes to giving fragrances to men in their thirties, you want to give men’s perfumes for adults.

“Tail de Hermes” is recommended for adult men. The earthy and woody bar-like scent strongly insists on individuality, and has a calm scent, which is perfect for adult fashion.

This product is the best perfume for adult men. If you give it to a friend in your 30s, you will surely be pleased.

Product status

Series name: Tail de Hermes

Capacity: 50ml, 100ml

Top notes: orange, grapefruit

Middle note: pepper, geranium

Last note: patchouli, cedar

Hermes Men’s Perfume Recommended Ranking 2nd. Mediterranean Garden

Hermes Mediterranean Garden EDT 50ml [Parallel imports]

The most spicy perfume in the garden series. Recommended for those who want a wild scent.

Men in their twenties because it has a wild taste, but it is refreshing and not very assertive.

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