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Healthy Snacks – Any choices for us to be healthy

What will you do in your leisure? Will you watch the TV with something in your hand to be eaten? Something healthy or you prefer choose something good in taste but not good for your health? Will you eat something that you think more practice than you have to make? Will you choose something with high calorie that will annoy your diet program?

People usually have three times meals every day. Between times to the next meal, sometimes we feel hungry and we look for some snacks. People also need some snacks for their leisure. There are so many kind of snack that we can pick. Nowadays many children and teenagers are addicted to snacks. And the teenagers, they feel like they have no time for a healthy meal because of their busy school activities. So they eat snacks, such as potato chips and fries. They don’t know that snack cannot replace the meal.

Explosion of Obesity

It’s a warning for mothers in the world. Some Journals notes that many children and teenagers todays in obesity. Children with obesity increase every year as they are consuming salty snacks and sweetened drinking very much. Why don’t mothers prepare something that could be a healthy snack for our children. It is important, cause healthy snack can help them taking care of their health and help them growing up in healthy way.

For preparing a healthy snack we have to know what kind of food can be a healthy snack. We can prepare some food that contains vitamins and nutrients that our body needed. Our body has lost its’ vitamins and nutrients because of our daily activities.

Misconceptions Regarding Snacks

There are some misperceptions about healthy snacks. Many people think that all kinds of nut are not good for our health. But the fact is many kinds of nuts good for our health such as, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. Research shows that by consuming nuts we can take care of our blood pressure.

Most people have opinion that all kinds of oil contain of much fat. But now we know that olive oil and sesame oil good for us. So, it isn’t a problem if you want to make a snack using this oil.

Healthy snacks might be food which contain of nuts, fiber, fruit. We can prepare whole grain crackers, dried fruits, yogurt for snacking.

Not only for children in fact healthy snacks also good for adults. It will help us with the vitamin and nutrient that we need. Actually it is good for preparing healthy snacks. It’s available when hunger comes. It is doesn’t make us too hungry, so when the meal time comes we will eat less meal. It is natural that sometimes we feel hungry before the next meal, because of the daily activities.

So, snacking is not always annoying our diet program. We only have to be careful in choosing the material of the snack. Choose the snack that is low fat, contains fiber, natural sweetened.

The choice is in your hand.

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