Healthy Breakfast!

Morning brings a start to a new day with new things, new aims and new desires. In order to have a perfect day till you go to sleep at night the first and most important thing you need in the morning is a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important thing in your routine, if you have a perfect and healthy breakfast in the morning you will have an amazing start with energy and high efficiency that will help you carry out your whole day effectively. People usually get up late in the morning and then rush towards work, schools and colleges with having just a mug of tea or coffee and not an appropriate breakfast. Such an act if carried out daily could lead to many health issues such as deficiency of nutrients, early aging, weakening of bones and tiring day and inactive day. It is better to get up early in the morning and get a good breakfast prepared so that you remain active.healthy breakfast

In order to have a perfectly healthy day you must have a healthy breakfast. Below are some healthy breakfast suggested:

A salad bowl full of different fruits and vegetables is a perfect colorful treat for your breakfast. You can have different seasonal fruits and vegetables cut into cubes and mixed together with some lemon or orange juice being squeezed in it for a refreshing taste.

Eggs either boiled, in the form of an omelette or scrambled is a perfect breakfast treat with brown bread. With some salt and black pepper boiled egg tastes yummy whereas, the omlette and scrambled eggs may contain green chilies, cheese, bell peppers, mushrooms and olives, fried in olive oil.

Shakes are always a great deal for breakfast which gives you perfect and healthy drink of fruits and milk. Apple, banana, mango, strawberry and also dates make a great shake with some cocoa powder and coffee sprinkled.

Cereal is a perfect choice for adults as well as children which provide a healthy mix of fiber, milk and if you mix honey it will be a great combo.healthy breakfast

Being healthy needs not much effort if you have a good breakfast. So try the above suggested options for you breakfast with variations and have a perfect healthy day at work, college and school with changing taste and variety. This will keep you active throughout the day, will fight many diseases, and will also add many nutrients in your body.


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