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There are various health partner organizations working in the United States for nonprofits. They are solely working to improve the health situation of the community. They have the government support as well. There are other organizations that are working globally, also referred to as the health partners. On the global level their strategic objectives include the conveyance of the health services in the areas that rural and also in the areas that have not given much attention. Their effort is to provide the cheap and affordable solutions to their health problems by utilizing the current economic structure and different appropriate models.

Problems to Resolve

The focus of the international health partners is on the developing countries. According to the figures of stats, only 1/3 of the population of these countries resides in the urban areas, whereas the rest of the 2/3 has to suffer in the rural areas. These rural areas are very remote and have a lack of basic hygiene. Therefore, many of the diseases and health concerns are associated with it. Along with that they do not have proper hospitals or medical centers to cure these diseases. Even the older generation health solutions like the chlorine tablets, therapeutics, diagnostics, and the immunization, are not accessible to them. This has been the result of the failure to give appropriate attention by the private and public sector. While in the USA, the health partners are working to facilitate the modern medical technological advancement and also make sure that the needy people are getting that medical assistance. These health partners are responsible for providing the educational services to the citizens of the United States as well. On the international scale, health partners are subjected to provide the medical assistance as the education is not that important for those areas.

Mission and Vision

Most of the health partners are working behind the agenda and mission of providing the basic health services to the needy one. Where the governments are not able to pursue the basic needs of the common people, these health partners come forward and play their role to eradicate the harmful disease. On the international scale, health partners are working with a mission statement of pushing the local markets of the developing country to work for the poor. It is the effort of those health partners to provide assistance to the social and economic system of those countries, so that the technological advancement in the medical field can be utilized to improve their system. The aim is to work for the humanity and establish an infrastructure in those health deprived areas. These health partners have an integral role in the establishment of the health structure, and reforms subjecting to the poor people. These partners provide leadership assistance to the government. They also assist in the research work and provide valuable knowledge of the foreign exposure. They set their own standards to run their organizations and evaluate their performance. They draft exemplary ethical standards for the other local organization to adopt.

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