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Health Insurance – An Umbrella for us

We know that everyone wants to be in healthy condition. We will do anything to be health. Doing some exercise, consuming vitamins and so on. By having a healthy condition we can do our activities, going to work, playing with our children, travelling. But we know that we are not always in a good and healthy condition, and sometimes we need go to the doctor for curing the disease.

When we are not well and have disease in our body, it is not a big problem when the expense for it is not much. It is not a problem when we have some fund for going to the doctor. But what will be happened when we do not have it? Most of us often do not think to save our money for in case we need to go to the doctor. We usually save our money for buying a house or for our children education.

For helping us to this condition there is health insurance that will help us with the cost of healing our health. Health insurance is a type of insurance that will help us to cover the cost of medical and surgical expenses. Some countries in the world have their own public health insurance. In some countries, this insurance funded all by the government, but not in some others. Besides public health insurance, there are many private health insurance.

Public Vs Private Health Insurance

If you are not in public health insurance or program, it’s a need to buy private health insurance. But we have to be careful in buying private health insurance. We have to select the right private health insurance. We have to be aware of some factors. Such as what kind of medical services will be covered, will they cover pre-natal visits, and it’s important that we have to check the list of their clinic. We have to make sure that our clinic and doctor are in their lists.

It is also important for us to know the coverage limits, because many private health insurance have maximum payment for the medical services. So we have to prepare our fund when our medical expense is over the coverage limits.

Decisions and Considerations

Making a decision for buying a private health insurance may make us confused, we need to think carefully. We need to know if it is balance between the benefits that we will get with the fund that we have to be paid. We have to focus what the relevant benefits to us. A man without family doesn’t need to but a private health insurance which will cover the children. Woman in age above 45 doesn’t need pre-natal visit service.

If you have made a decision to choose a private health insurance, you have to read the agreement carefully. Don’t sign it in a hurry. You still haven’t made an agreement until you sign it. Make sure that you understand of every detail in the agreement. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything that you still don’t understand.

A good health insurance will help us, not make us in difficulties.

A good health insurance will be an umbrella for us in rainy days.

I would like to share top 5 health insurance companies of USA so you should consider them to get yourself insured.

1: United Health Care

2: BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

3: Medco

4: Aetna

5: Humana Health Insurance

In our upcoming article we will explain our experience and feedback about health insurance companies that will helps more to choose one of the best health insurance company to get insured you.


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