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Health And Fitness – A Good Night Sleep Is Important

In modern day, our lifestyle has been changed so a peaceful night’s sleep is nothing but a dream. We are so busy in meeting everyday deadlines regarding our jobs. A peaceful night’s sleep is really important for health and fitness. Quality of sleep is what really matters. If you don’t have quality sleep, you will feel lethargic during the day and will not be able to concentrate on your work. Here are a few tips, which can help you to get good sleep.

  • Have a suitable timetable for your sleep. Additionally, try to stick to your routine even on weekends.
  • Try to have a dinner which has lots of carbohydrates, like whole grain with milk , warm milk with honey, soy products. These foods have a substance, tryptophan, which enhances sleep.
  • A comfortable mattress is also necessary to have a comfortable  sleep. Create a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom, like thick curtains to stop the excessive light. Dark rooms help in the promotion of Melatonin, which is called as sleep hormone.
  • A warm bath will help you to get a sound sleep, before going to bed.
  • Keep the temperature of the bedroom, which is comfortable for you.
  • Avoid large meals  before sleeping.
  • Don’t take drinks having caffeine, moreover, drink water during the day and less water intake after evening.
  • Keep TV, laptop and mobile out of your bedroom. Such things can disturb your sleep.

If you can’t sleep, do a relaxing think, like reading a book.

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