Have Chocolate-Mint Ice-cream Today!

Ice cream is the favorite dessert of everyone whether a person is a child or an adult and even an old aged person. People are so crazy about having ice cream that they can even have it daily. In order to manage such crazy people obviously you can’t buy ice cream on a daily basis but how about making a yummy ice cream at your home? Have Chocolate-Mint Ice-cream Today! Yes, now you can make a yummy ice cream of your favorite flavor at home as well. Today the below given recipe is of chocolate mint ice cream which is the favorite of everyone.


  •  Milk, 500 milliliters,
  • Cream, 500 milliliter,
  • Vanilla essence, half teaspoon,
  • Mint essence, one teaspoon,
  • Castor sugar seven ounces,
  • Grated chocolate eight ounces,
  • Few drops green food color.


In a bowl pour milk, cream, vanilla essence, mint essence, castor sugar and green color and beat for one to two minutes. When the mixture is beaten well pour it into air tight boxes and put it into the freezer. Let it remain in freezer for five to seven hours. After five to seven hours take the boxes out of the freezer and mix the mixture with a spoon and add the grated chocolate, mix the ice cream mixture and put it back into the freezer. Let the ice cream stay in the freezer overnight. Enjoy the ice cream the next day with chocolate sauce and waffles. This ice cream treat is really a yummy one and also very economical. So try it for sure and make your family amazed at your amazing creativity at home within such a less budget.Have Chocolate-Mint Ice-cream Today! You will be saved on spending hundreds of dollars on ice cream by making it at home if you have crazy ice cream lovers in your home.

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