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Have A Better Google Experience – Few Tips

A large number of people use Gmail these days, as it offers a wide range of features. But Google keep adding new features to facilitate its user. Many people have no idea about some amazing features which Gmail offers them.

Mute: This is an amazing feature, which is not really known. If you mute a conversation or thread, you will get no updates about that. You can save your time, which you spend of scanning useless messages.

Selective quoting: With the help of this feature, you can select some part of the email and send it in reply message. Instead of selecting the entire message, just click this tool. Recipient will see the selected part, not the complete forward email.

Gmail labs: Gmail labs are easily accessible from the settings. Now features are added in labs, every now and then. Keep visiting the lab page and get attractive features. You can have multiple inboxes and quick links as well.

Gmail search: You can easily search the Gmail now. If you are looking for an unread message in your inbox, you have to type unread and then label it as inbox; you will get the list of all unread messages in your inbox. It really a time saving feature.

Account activity: account activity is very useful feature, which give you information about your active accounts. It a good feature, if we talk about the account security. You can sign out of other sessions from your own computer. So if you forget to sing out from the office, you can sing out from the home computer.

Chat saving: This feature helps you to prevent saving your chat. Gmail chat users can take the advantage of this feature, if they don’t want to save their chat.

Unformatted text: When you copy a text from the web to Gmail, it will copy as it is. If you want to unformed this text, you can use this feature. Use ctrl+Shit+V keys and you are done.

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