Harmful Foods For Your Health

We have plenty of food choices these days but all of them are not healthy. Rather many are harmful for human consumption. It is really important to eliminate harmful food products from our life, if we want to live healthy and fit. Here are some foods, which should not be taken or taken in less quantity.

  • Packed foods: Packed foods have additives. Their names are not familiar and a common man cannot even pronounce them. Packed foods are convenient but they are not actually natural. They are not a healthy option rather additives can be dangerous for your health.
  • Fast food: Fast foods have a lot of chemicals, which can cause allergies and other problems. They are tempting and tasty, but they are not healthy.
  • Red meat: protein is important for our body but red meat can’t be easily digested by our body. So, take it in very less quantity.
  • Sugar and sweeteners: Sugar is a processed product and a lot of chemicals are used in processing it. It has no nutritive value, so it’s better not to use it, or use it in less quantity. Similarly, sweeteners are used in drinks and desserts. They also contain chemicals, which are dangerous for human use.
  • Salt: Table salt is also a processed product. Usually it is bleached to give it the white color. Real salt and Celtic Sea salt are better alternatives.
  • White flour: White flour is a processed floor, which has low nutritive value. It’s better to have whole grain flour, which is not processed.
  • Coffee and tea: These addictive drinks are dangerous for human body. They deprive your body of minerals and vitamins. Slowly reduce their use and then stop using them.
  • Dairy products: Avoid using dairy products, as they have lots of fat. Milk provides calcium but it also has phosphorous, which is harmful to bones. So, use milk but in less quantity and get the calcium from green vegetables.

Alcohol: alcohol is really dangerous for the stomach. It gives relaxation but is addictive. It has toxic poisons, which can cause serious health issues.

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