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Hairstyles For Short Hair!

Women with short hair mostly assume that they can never get themselves a hairstyle for any occasion because their hair lacks enough length. However this is not the case every time. Short hair may get great hairstyles depending upon the length and texture of the hair.Hairstyles For Short Hair!

Although long hair does make a variety of hairstyles which may not be the case with the short hair because hairstyles for short hair are usually very limited as compared to the ones for long hair, however you may still get limited but great hairstyles for your short hair that will make you look wonderful.Hairstyles For Short Hair!

If you have hair to the length till your shoulders then you can try a braid with open hair for yourself this will give you an elegant look and will be perfect for formal gatherings. All you need to do is just wash your hair and blow dry them. After they are dried to make two sections on your head and from each section pick out some of the portion of hair from the top side. Tie a braid of each portion and fix the braid to the backside of your head with the help of bobby pins. And keep the rest of your hair open. This hairstyle will suit on curly as well as straight hair.

You can also try curly ends with a headband. This hairstyle is a perfect one for casual gatherings and for work and college. No matter even if your hair is short just taking the ends of your hair about 2 inches and curl them with the help of a curling iron, after curling your hair put a headband and this will give you a great look within no time.

You can also try a puff with curly ends. Take a portion of your hair from the front side and have some back combing of it fix the puff with the help of bobby pins and apply some hair spray on the puff. Take the ends of your hair and curl them with the help of a curling tong. This hairstyle is a wonderful one and will be suitable for everyday as well as for formal occasions.

Try the above suggested hairstyles and they will look perfect for short hair till the length of the shoulders. You can try them anywhere you want and can even go for any variations which you wish to do.


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