Hair Is A Picture Frame Of The Face

Hair texture and hairstyle are one of the major factors that affect the appearance of a person.

Depending on the frame, the beauty of the picture may be even more pronounced, or the beauty of the picture may be halved. Therefore, the hair is related to the increase or decrease in the attractiveness of the person, but there are various problems with hair regardless of age or gender.

The source for healthy hair is the scalp (hair root). Promoting blood circulation and supplying necessary nutrients and oxygen alleviates scalp troubles and leads to the growth of healthy hair.

Cause of damage hair

Hair is vulnerable to heat, friction, and alkalies, so hair dryers, irons, brushing that pulls forcibly, perms, and coloring agents will naturally lead to damage to the hair.

Also, be careful of strong sunlight! The protein, which is the main component of hair, is denatured by ultraviolet rays, and the color tone of the hair fades, resulting in dull and dry hair. Strong UV rays can also cause inflammation of the scalp.

It seems that there are many people who hurt their hair and scalp with daily shampoo. Rubbing or washing with hot water can damage your scalp and hair and remove too much oil.

In addition, the cleaning ingredients, degreasing ingredients, antibacterial ingredients, and other chemical substances contained in shampoo leave the scalp and hair unprotected, losing their luster and elasticity, and may lead to hair loss.

After shampooing, use a rinse conditioner as a moisturizer to coat the hair.

The moisturizing chemicals contained in them block the pores of the hair and scalp.

Some people just wash off the rinse conditioner lightly, but it leaves chemicals such as surfactants on the hair and scalp, resulting in scalp trouble and brittle and fragile hair.

Careful brushing before shampoo and pre-washing with lukewarm water will remove most of the dirt.

Choose a safe shampoo made from high quality botanical and natural ingredients as much as possible, apply the rinse only to your hair so that it doesn’t get on your scalp, and rinse thoroughly.

I think that there are many people who use plenty of rinse and out bath products knowing that they have “symptomatic treatment” because their hair is in poor condition.

Hair is a collection of dead cells, so once damaged hair cannot be restored even after care and cannot be repaired on its own.

In order to improve damaged hair, it is necessary to cut the damaged part and stretch it while preventing it, so it will take a long time.

From the soil to grow plants, from the scalp to make beautiful hair

Since the invisible part of the scalp grows and grows in the hair, the health of the hair roots buried in the scalp is important.

Creating a body that circulates nutrients and oxygen that make up the scalp and hair leads to an improvement in the scalp environment. The relationship between the scalp and hair is likened to soil and plants.

Just as a lively plant full of vitality grows on soft and fluffy soil blessed with moderate water and nutrition, it has elasticity, a good balance of water and oil, and nourishes the scalp with a certain thickness. The capillaries that carry it are stretched around.

When the dermal papilla absorbs oxygen and nutrients and sends them to the hair matrix cells, the hair matrix cells divide and proliferate, and the hair grows.

On the other hand, if the soil is dry, muddy, or undernourished and dirty, the plants will lose their vitality and will not be able to grow new buds.

A healthy scalp environment lays the foundation for healthy and healthy hair.

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