Habits That Will Make You Fat

It seems like you are not able to lose weight even if you are careful about what you eat? Discover the most frequent mistakes that you can make without even thinking about them!

bad eating habits

1. Using artificial sweets


It seems like the artificial products that are used by some while they are losing weight, such as sugar replacement have the opposite effects. experts say that the body can’t make a difference between those and sugar. Latest research showed that using those would not help you to lose weight. On the contrary, on the long term, they will also be harmful. Artificial sugar behaves just like sugar, by activating some sensors in the organism. The sweet taste will trick the brain to release hormones that would trick the metabolism to retain large quantities of calories.


2. Eating products directly from the package


This is deceiving, as you can’t control the quantity that you eat. Get used to put any food or product in a plate before eating, as this way, you can estimate the quantity of foods that you eat.


3. You are doing other things while you eat


When you eat, you should leave other activities. this means that you should not watch TV, you should not check Facebook and you must not talk on the phone. just stay at the table and eat, as this is the most effective way to control calories.


4. Eating with your friends


When we eat with our friends, we eat more without even realizing. On average, if you eat along with another person, you will eat 35% more, but if you take other people with you, you will eat even more. The percentage grows if you eat with more people.bad eating habits


5. eating low fat and degreased products


Yes, those products don’t contain fat, but this does not mean that those don’t have a high caloric content. the producers add different substitutes such as sugar, flour or other agents that increase the caloric content of the respective product. as a result, you don’t consume fat, but you have a surplus of other ingredients that will favor the weight gaining process. moreover, studies show that you are tempted to consume larger quantities of the respective product, thinking that it is not harmful.


Try to stay away from those products, excepting the lactate low fat products such as milk, cheese and yogurt, as those are not enriched with sugar or other additives.


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