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Green Tea – A Perfect Antioxidant!

Green tea is very common these days amongst people all around the world and amongst all age groups. Green tea acts as a perfect antioxidant. Green tea brings a lot health benefits for people moreover it refreshes the skin and also helps you in reduction of headaches and tiredness.Green Tea

Green tea has five major benefits for your body.

  • Green tea helps in getting rid of the tooth issues. Like tooth decay, bad breath and gum related problems can be minimized by the regular consumption of green tea.
  • Green tea also plays a vital role in making your bones strong. If you have a habit of consuming green tea on a regular basis you can have reduced chances of bone damage and other bone related problems.
  • Green tea also helps in preventing cancer. Lung cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer and many other forms of cancer can be prevented by regular consumption of green tea. The green tea helps eliminate the growth of tumor in the body.
  • Green tea is also liked for its one of the most attractive benefits that is the weight loss. Green tea also helps people in reducing or maintaining weight as it cuts down a huge amount of fat.
  • The green tea also works very well for the reduction of chances of stroke, cholesterol level and heart attacks. People who want to keep themselves protected from heart attacks and strokes and want to reduce their cholesterol shall consume green tea on a regular basis.


Excess consumption of everything gives you a tough time and so as green tea so never try to consume it in a huge quantity. The average amount of consumption should not increase more than 3 to 4 cups of green tea.

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