GLOWING SKIN: The Steps And The Unmissable Products For A Perfect Radiant Base!

GLOWING SKIN: The Steps And The Unmissable Products For A Perfect Radiant Base

Today we want to talk to you about a topic that interests a lot of you since we receive numerous comments and requests. So here we are with a post dedicated again to skin-care and in particular to all the fundamental steps to obtain a luminous and radiant skin.

How many of you, especially in winter, have to deal with a complexion that tends to turn gray more and more? How many, on the other hand, would like to have smooth, luminous, radiant skin free from imperfections? Obviously this is the dream of all of us.

But to succeed in this intent it will be necessary to take care of the skin and apply a series of tricks, tricks and obviously specific products. With a little persistence, it will be easy for you to achieve a radiant complexion. Are you curious to know more? If the answer is yes, then you just have to keep reading the post we have prepared for you!

Having luminous skin is not always easy, especially in the winter period we are inexorably heading towards: temperatures drop by several degrees and we notice the skin on the face more dull, cracked and put to the test by numerous atmospheric agents.

If, in addition to the temperatures, you also add a good dose of pollution and smog, especially for those of you who live in the city, having radiant skin can seem a distant and almost unattainable mirage.

However, by following some tips that we have prepared for you, you can certainly greatly improve the situation if you do not completely solve the problem of dull skin and a greyish complexion.


When you want to improve the appearance of the skin, the texture and therefore aspire to a brighter skin, the watchword is “exfoliation”. This is a very important step, since by eliminating the superficial layer of dead cells, dust residues, cuticles, etc., the skin immediately appears brighter, smooth to the touch and shining.

There are so many scrubs on the market, there is something for all tastes and budgets. The important thing is not to choose those that are too aggressive and excessively exfoliating if your skin is particularly sensitive or with some pimples that could greatly inflame and become infected. it removes skin and impurities in a super delicate way.


One of the ever-green tips of all is to purify yourself from the inside. Such as Drinking plenty of water, doing sports and eliminating all excess toxins that are directly responsible for the dull complexion.

One idea could be to drink lukewarm water with lemon every day, eliminate sugar and all those “junk” foods, limit salty foods that cause water retention and bloating.

Our “inner condition” will then be visible directly on our skin and this makes us understand how important it is to take care of your body not only from an aesthetic point of view.


If there is a natural product capable of contributing to the achievement of a healthy complexion and a luminous and radiant skin, that product is definitely coconut oil. It has the ability to heal the skin by being healing and antioxidant. It helps to destroy free radicals and is able to even out the complexion of the skin making it look younger, healthier and brighter.


This last step you can put into practice all! What is it about? Of a good sleep! Sleep affects both our physical and mental well-being, during the night the body is given the opportunity to recover its strength and to activate a process of healing and regeneration of the skin. So girls, from now on, no excuses: you sleep at least 8 hours a night!

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