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Every mother in the world wants to give the best for her family in any way. Especially, in serving food for her family. Mothers try to cook some food in good taste. But many mothers in the world have a little knowledge about food poisoning. They think that every food they serve for their family has a good taste and look healthy, because they have cooked all those foods. So they think all the food is hygienic. They don’t know that the material of food, the way they cook, and seasoning they use may cause food poisoning. We have to be careful about this, it will cause serious infection.

What Research Says?

CNN says that there are an estimated 76 million cases of food poisoning in The United States Every year (CNN). We know that The United States has a tight regulation about food and drugs, and it happens there. How about in other countries? Developing countries that haven’t yet such a good and tight regulation like that. How many cases happen every year?

We need a movement to inform food poisoning to the whole world, in order to avoid more cases; everyone has to know what food can be eaten. How to prepare the material before cook? How to cook in a good way for making a healthy food? Some materials have to be cooked in different ways so that we can kill all the bacteria and the virus. But we also have to know that by washing our hand well we can avoid some virus.

Threats to Homemade Food

We have to inform that virus and bacteria also hide in many fruits and vegetables. We have to wash them under the running water. It can help us washing away those bacteria and virus. We also have to inform that if we eat some raw food may cause hepatitis A, such as shellfish. Hepatitis A virus also may spread through food that someone infected touched.

We need to know that in uncooked poultry not only bacteria, such as Salmonella and E.Coli, can cause a lot of diseases but also viruses. Although there is no case that anyone getting bird flu from food, we really have to be careful in handling and cooking poultry. So we have to be sure that the poultry and egg have to be cooked well. It is important to us for using different knife for cutting raw poultry and cooked poultry, in order to avoid the bacteria and the virus.

It is also important to know that if we want to drink milk, be sure that the milk is pasteurized. We have to do that to avoid the disease.

Food poisoning may cause bloody diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting and dehydration.

If food poisoning happens to you or someone you love, what should you do? For vomiting and nausea case you have to avoid solid food first, eat light food until the vomiting end. For avoiding dehydration you need to drink little by little and getting more. For bloody diarrhea and fever you have to go to the doctor soon.

We really have to be careful in handling our food to take care our family.

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